Blade sign attached to building

Blade Sign Services

Does your business tend to see a lot of foot traffic passing by?

If so, traditional commercial signs that hang in front may not be ideal.

Instead, consider using a display that is conducive with the location of your business and will undoubtedly catch the eyes of passersby: blade signs.

Why Custom Blade Signs?

Blade signs for businesses are designed specifically to sit in the direct line of sight of those walking or driving by.

These building signs are mounted on the front of your business, projecting outward to ensure that those passing in either direction can easily identify your brand.

And if you’re located on a busy strip and want to stand out from the competition around you, blade signs for businesses are the perfect solution, giving you the opportunity to physically put your name out there.

Blade signs are utilized by retail shops, restaurants and bars, banks, and several other businesses that tend to be located in tough spots to get noticed.

Ulta Beauty blade sign whitestownCreating a Blade Sign

Blade Signs can be made using a variety of materials and techniques to achieve the look you want for your brand.

The Greenfield Signs & Lighting team has created business blade signs in many sizes and styles; illuminated and non-illuminated; bold and conservative.

Whatever the sign, we have you covered.

It’s also important to us that the style of these signs not only match the style of your business, but also the style of your building, creating one cohesive look during our fabrication process.

And once your sign is installed, you won’t have to worry anymore about not being seen.

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