When someone walks into your commercial or office building, is there an easy way for them to figure out exactly where they are going? If not, you should think about installing building directory signs, office directory signs, directional signage or some other kind of commercial sign to help your visitors out and give them all of the information they need to navigate through your building.

While illuminated signs on the outside of a building can help draw people in, it’s the non-illuminated signs inside that will lead them the rest of the way. Greenfield Signs & Lighting can provide you with building directory signs, directory signage, building and facility directory signs, and other wood signs that will assist those who visit your commercial facility.

Greenfield Signs & Lighting has been working directly with many businesses in the Indianapolis and Greenfield areas for years now, helping to create customized signs for both indoor and outside use. From ADA signs that are designed to help those with disabilities to custom signs that hang on the walls inside and outside of many businesses, you can count on us to take your ideas for a sign and bring them to life. We have served many businesses throughout the state of Indiana throughout the years and provided them with directional signage and other directory boards that have made a big difference in the way their businesses works. We also have experience creating MDO plywood signs and other woods signs that can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the specific needs of a business.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted family owned and operated business, and many businesses in Indianapolis and Greenfield have come to use for assistance with all of their signage. Whether you have an idea that you want us to develop further or you are in need of ideas that will benefit your business as a whole, we can work directly with you to come up with the non-illuminated signs that will work best for you and your building. We won’t quit until you have the signs that your business wants and needs hanging in your building.

Call Greenfield Signs & Lighting at 866-740-9797 to check out some of the custom non-illuminated signs we have created in the past and to learn more about the custom signs we can create specifically for your operation in Indianapolis, Greenfield or elsewhere in Indiana.