Non-Illuminated Sign Cabinets for Businesses in Indianapolis, IN

Every company has their own unique needs and goals when it comes to their commercial signage. Some may want to dazzle and impress with flashy illuminated signs, while others may prefer to make a more sleek and subtle impression on potential customers passing by. Especially for signage that will be used throughout the interior of a business, non-illuminated signs are ideal for communicating important information to customers without overwhelming their senses.

Because non-illuminated signs play such an essential role in guiding customers as they make their way through your business (and are sometimes even a better option for achieving your desired exterior aesthetic), it’s important to protect them at all costs. The caveat is finding a way to preserve them without impacting their ability to attract new business or clearly convey key information for an enhanced customer experience. That’s where we come in!

One of our many specialties at Greenfield Signs & Lighting is designing, constructing, and installing high-quality non-illuminated sign cabinets to safeguard commercial signage for businesses throughout Indianapolis, Greenfield, and beyond. Our custom non-illuminated sign cabinets will provide the protection your signs need to last for years to come without affecting the look you worked so hard to establish for your business.

Custom Non-Illuminated Sign Cabinet Fabrication in Indianapolis

Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be effective. That’s the approach our commercial sign fabrication team takes when it comes to non-illuminated signage for your business. First, our specialists will work with you closely to determine the best type of non-illuminated signs to satisfy the needs and goals of your company. Then, we’ll use that information to create a custom sign cabinet that will extend the life of your product and maintain its original quality for as long as possible.

The face design, materials, shape, size, and other details of your non-illuminated sign cabinet will not only protect your commercial signage, but also complement the aesthetic that has been carefully curated to represent your brand. There’s no reason to sacrifice style for security when our sign cabinets can assure your business signage has both.

Non-Illuminated Sign Cabinet Installation for Indianapolis Businesses

Without proper installation, even the most durable and beautifully fabricated commercial sign cabinet won’t be able to live up to its full potential. The team that places your non-illuminated sign cabinet should be equipped with the right tools for the job and trained in the best installation techniques. When you enlist Greenfield Signs to design your business signs and sign cabinets, that professional-level installation is guaranteed.

Our expert installation crews are prepared to complete projects of all sizes throughout Indianapolis, any other Indiana region, and across Illinois and Ohio too. If we’re not already licensed in your city or county, we can quickly obtain the necessary certifications to take care of your non-illuminated sign cabinet and other installations expeditiously.

Repair & Maintenance Services for Non-Illuminated Sign Cabinets in Greenfield, Indiana

Unless you fix and polish your business’s signage at the end of every work day, even the most advanced and highest-quality protective measures won’t keep it completely damage-free against years of regular, constant use. Although non-illuminated sign cabinets will protect your commercial signs from the effects of ordinary wear and tear and other detriments, the cabinet itself will eventually be in need of a little restoration.

Every element of your signage, both big and small, plays a role in the first impression your company has on customers—even your sign cabinet. If you have an exterior non-illuminated sign encased in cabinets faded from sunlight or with cracks from years of harsh winters, customers are going to wonder what other important aspects of good business your company has neglected. If they walk in your building to find directories and mounted wall signs barely visible underneath scratched and clouded glass, they’ll probably turn around and walk right out for the same reason.

In addition to our fabrication and installation services, Greenfield Signs & Lighting also offers repair and maintenance for non-illuminated signs and their protective cabinets in Indianapolis, Greenfield, and surrounding areas. Whether it’s just a few quick fixes or your sign products are in need of more extensive rehabilitation, our specialists will have them looking as good as new in no time.

Ensure you get the most out of your investment in high-quality commercial signage with our custom non-illuminated sign cabinets to preserve and accentuate the message of your brand.

We also fabricate and install illuminated sign cabinets, along with other commercial signs and lighting products to help enhance and grow your Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio business.

Contact the Greenfield Signs & Lighting team today, so we can help your company reach its fullest potential!