Custom Sign Products, Fabrication & Installation in Indianapolis, IN

When you drive or walk past a business with a dull or broken sign, what is your first impression? Words like run-down, second-rate, and careless probably come to mind. After all, if a company can’t be bothered to put effort into their very first opportunity to show you who they are and what they can do, why would you trust them to provide the quality products and services you need?

The signage you choose to display in and around your commercial space tells customers a lot more about your business than you might initially think. That’s why it’s important to work with a team of skilled sign fabrication and installation experts to help you design, build, and install high quality signs that can properly represent what your company has to offer for years to come.

At Greenfield Signs & Lighting, we consider the strength of our clients’ signage to be a reflection of the quality of our services. As such, our goal is to provide you with the superior custom sign products you need to distinguish yourself amongst the competition with a single glance. As a family-owned and operated company ourselves, all we want is for our clients to succeed—when you make your mark, we make ours.

Sign Fabrication Services in Indianapolis

The first step in the Greenfield Signs fabrication process is an initial meeting between you and our experienced experts, so that we can learn about the needs and preferences of both you and your customers. Then, we can get to work designing a signage solution that captures your company’s unique brand and brings your vision to life.

Custom signs by Greenfield Signs & Lighting are made primarily using high-quality aluminum, steel, and plastic. We offer a wide variety of signage types for our Indianapolis clients to choose from to best fit their needs, including:

  • Illuminated Signs—sign cabinets, blade signs, pole signs, channel letters, pylon signs & neon signs
  • LED Signs & Displays—message center signs, digital billboards, full color displays, lighted signs, monochrome displays & retrofit signs
  • Non-Illuminated Signs—MDO/plywood signs, ADA signs, plaque signs, facility/directory signs & wood signs
  • Awnings—architectural awnings, lighted awnings, awnings with signage & commercial awnings
  • Plastic & Printed Signs—yard signs, printed graphic signs, vehicle wraps & vinyl banners
  • Other Signs & Lighting Services—building lighting, custom signs, projecting signs, architectural signs, monument signs, solar signs, parking lot lighting & community signs

Greenfield & Indianapolis Sign Installation

Once you’ve approved the final fabrication, we’ll build your custom sign and install it professionally in front of, around, or inside your business. As our specialists will already be familiar with your commercial space and the goals for your signage, you can feel confident that your new signs will be installed efficiently and expertly according to the specifications of your business. After all, even the biggest, brightest, most attractive sign in the world won’t achieve the impact you intend it to if it’s poorly installed.

Our installation crews are experienced, fully licensed, and well-trained in the techniques and equipment necessary to set up your signs to make the best possible impression on your customers. Greenfield Signs & Lighting has installation programs available for companies throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

Commercial Sign Repair & Maintenance in Indianapolis

Most of those poorly-lit, broken, or otherwise dilapidated business signs you pass on the highway or in town didn’t start off that way. Chances are, they were once (almost) as beautiful as your newly-installed sign from Greenfield Signs & Lighting. So, what happened?

At one point or another, a business’s sign is going to need some maintenance. It might be a bulb that burns out, a harsh storm that knocks off a letter, or just natural wear and tear from age or exposure to the elements. The difference between a company that cares about their first impression and one that neglects it is taking the time to have your signage repaired or maintained when necessary.

Unlike many of our competitors, the Greenfield Signs team is invested in the quality of our clients’ signage long-term. That’s why we offer sign repair and maintenance services to businesses throughout Indianapolis and beyond to keep their commercial signage in consistently excellent shape. We’ve completed jobs both small and large for companies of all types, leaving us more than prepared to restore your signs to their original quality.

Greenfield Signs & Lighting is your one-stop-shop for premier custom sign fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance in Greenfield & Indianapolis, IN.

Why hire three different companies when you can entrust the comprehensive design, installation, and care of your business signage to one team of dedicated experts? Whether you’re a single mom-and-pop store or a nationally-recognized chain, Greenfield Signs & Lighting will use our unparalleled experience and skill to help you build your brand and set your company apart from the rest.

Give us a call at 866-740-9797 to get started with a free quote, so we can help you take your business to the next level!