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Custom Sign Fabrication in Indianapolis, IN

How many different business signs do you think the average person sees in a day? Between billboards spotted on the drive home from work, shop windows passed while completing daily errands, and businesses near homes, doctor’s offices, and other essential locations, that number could easily be in the double or triple digits.

Now, think about the sign in front of your own business. Is it one that someone will remember amongst the dozens they see that day? Or that they’ll even bother to take notice of in the first place? If your answer to one or both of those questions is no, then your commercial signage needs some serious work.

Fortunately, for businesses in Indianapolis, Greenfield, and surrounding areas, Greenfield Signs & Lighting is here to help! Our custom sign fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance services will elevate your business signage to a level that reflects the quality of your company and your unique brand.

Step One: Commercial Sign Fabrication for Indianapolis Businesses

At Greenfield Signs, we’re invested in the long-term success of our products and your business. That’s why our process begins at the drawing board. First, our team of experienced specialists will meet with you to establish your needs and goals for commercial signage, so that we can determine which products will best help you reach them. We offer a wide variety of signage options to achieve different goals for different types of businesses, such as:

  • Illuminated Signs
  • LED Displays
  • Non-Illuminated Signs
  • Awnings
  • Plastic & Printed Signs
  • Other Signs & Commercial Lighting Services

After you and your team have decided which type will work best for your vision, we’ll get to work crafting the perfect custom sign for the job. In an effort to extend the life of your signage, we only use high-quality materials—primarily steel, aluminum, and plastic—to construct your sign. The custom sign fabrication process at Greenfield Signs & Lighting is defined by precision, attention to detail, and a commitment to truly representing your company.

Step Two: Commercial Sign Installation for Indianapolis Businesses

Once our fabricators have transformed your custom design into a reality, they’ll hand off the baton to one of our installation crews to put your new sign in its proper place. The installation professionals at Greenfield Signs have the tools and expertise necessary to safely and efficiently set up your display so that it catches the attention of the greatest number of potential customers possible.

Since we’ve already worked with you closely to learn about your signage goals, our team can help you pinpoint exactly where and how your new custom sign should be installed for the best first impression of your company. Although we primarily run statewide and regional programs in Indiana, our installation teams frequently travel throughout Ohio and Illinois to complete projects of all sizes as well.

Step Three: Commercial Sign Maintenance & Repair for Indianapolis Businesses

As we mentioned earlier, Greenfield Signs & Lighting is devoted to the long-term impact of our signage products on your business success. Both common sense and over three decades of experience in the industry tell us that at some point or another, even the highest quality signs are going to need a little TLC. Therefore, it only makes sense that we offer the sign maintenance and repair services necessary to keep commercial signs in Indianapolis and Greenfield in optimal condition as the years go on.

Faded letters, burnt out bulbs, cracked cabinets, or other types of wear and tear don’t just make your business sign look bad, they reflect poorly on your company too. To potential clients and customers, a neglected sign in front of or inside of your business signals a lack of care and effort. Is that the first message you want to send them? If you took the time to invest in quality commercial signage in the first place, the answer is probably no.

So, who better to trust to maintain or repair your business sign than the team who created and installed it in the first place?

When you hire Greenfield Signs & Lighting to handle your commercial signage needs in Indiana, Ohio, or Illinois, you’re guaranteed to receive premium, comprehensive, and convenient service for as long as you and your signs need it. Don’t waste time or money enlisting multiple companies to fabricate, install, repair, and maintain your business signs when you can have it all completed by a single team of trusted and experienced specialists.

Check out our gallery of work for yourself below. Then, once you’re convinced and ready to take the first step, give us a call or fill out our quick and easy online form to get started on your own custom commercial signage. We look forward to helping you reach new heights at your Indianapolis business!