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Custom Signs for Businesses in Indianapolis, IN

Whether you own a small business, branch of a national chain, boutique shop in a mall, or a large office building, you need to find an effective way to differentiate yourself from all the other businesses around you if you want your company to thrive. Once customers are inside, that will be easy to do with the quality services and products you have to offer. The real trick is how you entice them to enter your business in the first place.

Custom commercial signs are the perfect tool for businesses to use to distinguish themselves among the competition, communicate important information with customers and clientele, and build visibility for their brand. Whether it’s a medical facility that needs signs to guide patients and visitors to the right spot, a storefront looking to capture the attention of more passersby, or a simple exterior sign to clearly identify your business for visiting clients, custom signage is an effective option for accomplishing your goals.

At Greenfield Signs & Lighting, we specialize in the fabrication and installation of all different types of custom signs for businesses of any scale and across all industries. Our team is committed to crafting the perfect sign to accurately represent your company, grow your business, and meet your needs for years to come!

Custom Sign Fabrication in Indianapolis

In order to pinpoint the custom commercial sign design that will best fit the unique objectives you have for your business signage, our skilled fabricators will schedule a consultation to discuss those objectives with you in detail. Together, you and our professionals will determine the shape, size, type, and other details of your custom sign best-suited to achieving your company goals. Our sign products are made primarily of high-quality steel, aluminum, and plastic and available in a wide variety of different display types, including:

Custom sign fabrication by Greenfield Signs & Lighting is designed to bring your vision for your company to life. Our team is simply there to guide the process with our experience and expertise and implement the final product. Your commercial signage is your first chance to make an impression on new and potential customers—and we’re committed to making sure it’s the best one possible.

Custom Commercial Sign Installation in Greenfield & Indianapolis, IN

If you’re investing valuable time and money in custom signage for your business, you need to guarantee you get the most out of your investment by having it installed by a qualified professional. The same group from Greenfield Signs that you partnered with during the fabrication process can provide the safe, efficient installation services you need to start reaping the benefits of your custom commercial sign.

Our licensed custom sign installation crews have performed installations all over Greenfield, Indianapolis, and other regions in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Therefore, we are well-equipped to advise you on the most effective placement for your new sign for drawing attention to your business. After we’ve settled on the perfect spot, we’ll get your signage up and running at optimal performance in no time.

Repair & Maintenance Services for Custom Commercial Signs in Indianapolis

A broken lightbulb; sun-faded lettering; splintering wood; unsightly mud spatter after a storm—commercial signs are vulnerable to a lot of unavoidable issues after years of use and exposure to the elements. Eventually, your custom sign will require minor repairs, routine maintenance, or possibly even extensive rehabilitation due to arbitrary circumstances. When that time comes, your Greenfield Sign & Lighting team will still be there.

Whether it has been weeks, months, or even years since we’ve completed your custom commercial sign fabrication and installation, our professionals will come to the rescue when your sign needs restoration. Leaving a damaged or deteriorating sign on display to represent your company will send the wrong message to your customers. They’ll see these signs of neglect as a reflection on the quality of your products and services and, most likely, choose to take their business elsewhere.

With our custom sign repair and maintenance services, you don’t have to worry about your commercial signage falling below the quality you paid for in the first place. We’ll come out to your business, evaluate the damage, and carry out the most efficient solution possible. Your customers will have no doubt about your company’s enduring concern for high quality in all aspects of business.

For all your custom sign fabrication and installation needs in Indianapolis, Greenfield, and surrounding areas, you can count on Greenfield Signs & Lighting!

Our family-owned and operated company has been designing, installing, and servicing effective and attractive custom signs in Indiana for over four generations. There is no one better prepared or more willing to help you take your commercial signage to the next level.

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